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Public transfer system LCD display application

HMI Display Solutions For Transportation

Drivers expect infotainment centers to be as intuitive, responsive, and connected as their mobile devices. However, balancing these expectations with the rigorous demands of the automotive environment is an engineering challenge.

STONE’s displays are very well equipped to meet these challenges. We have been recognized by a wide range of customers for our automotive solutions and services. The decades of expertise that our engineers bring to each project are virtually unmatched among automotive touch screen and display manufacturers.

STONE’s touch solutions include.

  • Multi-finger touch
  • Glove and stylus operation
  • Water and saltwater rejection
  • Proximity detection and over-the-air gesture support
  • Noise immunity
  • Head impact requirements

Transportation Human-Machine Interaction Solutions For:

Infotainment Screens
Rear-view and side-view mirror displays and icons
Heating and AC control
Engineering vehicles
TFT Display
Thermal print head for parking management system based on RASPBERRY PI PICO and STONE TFT LCD

Thermal printers are very common in our daily life, and there are examples of thermal printers in restaurants, parking lots, and shopping places. This article will focus on the application of thermal printers in parking systems.

Automotive instrument panel project

In the daily use of a car, we need to know the status of the car at all times to avoid damage to important parts of the car and also to eliminate potential dangers. Usually, the information displayed on the dashboard is a way to know the status of the vehicle.

This time I want to make a car display dashboard with a 10.1-inch TFT LCD screen. As we all know, the STONE smart TFT LCD module display is easy and fast to develop without too many tedious instructions. This is not just for the majority of learning enthusiasts, in the actual project can speed up the development, save development time and quickly occupy the market.

TFT Display
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