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Heavy industrial equipment TFT LCD HMI solution

HMI Solutions For Machinery And Equipment

With STONE as your industrial display manufacturer, you can rely on our engineering and sales teams to use their experience with the industry to guide you to the right solution. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and service has made us a partner in many areas of machinery and equipment.

Reliable solutions for industrial environments:

  • Rugged, robust, waterproof, oleophobic, glove or stylus support
  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Extended temperature range
  • Long-term availability


  • Diverse technology portfolio.
  • Industrial touch sensors
  • Industrial TFT displays
  • Industrial LCD Displays
  • Custom Displays
  • Customized displays
  • With extended functions such as Bluetooth networking
  • Integrated display, touch components
  • Professional after-sales service

HMI Solutions For Machinery And Equipment For:

Agricultural machinery
Heavy Mining Machinery

Including tractors, planters, harvesters, etc.

Including metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, industrial and mining vehicles, cement equipment, etc.

Construction Machinery
Machine tools

Including forklifts, shoveling machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc.

Including metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, casting machinery, woodworking machinery, etc.

LCD Display Manufacturers
Motor speed and direction controller using L298 driver and STONE HMI

Motor speed and direction controller using L298 driver and STONE HMI.
This is a 5″ TFT LCD display module for Arduino with touch screen software.
STONE TFT LCD display module with Cortex M4 CPU, LCD driver, UART interface flash memory. Reliable, powerful, and easy to use.

STONE HMI ESP32 Line Counting and Alarm

The design idea of this application is that the infrared transmitter tube emits infrared light and the infrared receiver tube receives infrared light. When the infrared receiver tube is irradiated by infrared light, the resistance will change and the microcontroller can capture this change; the same is true for the smoke sensor. When the smoke concentration of the surrounding environment fluctuates, it will produce level changes, which can also be collected by the microcontroller. The system uses a stone TFT LCD serial screen, which is very easy to develop. Communication can be done only through the serial port. MCU naturally uses esp32.

The application can help the production line to achieve an automatic piece counting function with a fire recording function. When a fire occurs, the number of occurrences is recorded and this function can extend the alarm function.

LCD Display Manufacturers
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