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TFT Display

HMI Solutions In The Energy And Power Sector

With the rapid development of the scale of the power grid, real-time monitoring of the power environment and monitoring behavior is also extremely important to ensure the normal operation of electricity. These behaviors are inseparable from the human-computer interaction touch display.

The power monitoring system is currently divided into two parts

I: display interface to monitor data By collecting various sensors and induction devices, temperature, humidity, smoke, voltage, and other operating environment data on the TFT LCD display to determine the power environment.

II: Interactive display to achieve linkage control Through the first part of the data collection, information is sent in the human-machine interactive display interface to achieve the linkage of pumps, air conditioners, and other corresponding hardware facilities to adjust the power environment.

The power environment has requirements for the system hardware.

  • High performance, 24-hour stable and uninterrupted operation
  • Rich ports can collect various data through rich ports
  • Able to operate in harsh environments, high temperature, and high humidity

Data Monitoring Solutions In The Field Of Energy Projects For:

Energy Management System
Solar power generation
Substation automation system
Distribution automation system
Power Monitoring System
Intelligent switchboards and switchgear
Thyristor DC motor system
Frequency converters and AC speed control systems
TFT Display
ESP32 Weather Station Monitoring

With the development of weather forecasting, weather monitoring systems are becoming more and more important.

In this project, I will use STONE TFT LCD, esp32 microprocessor, photoresistor sensor, and DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor to achieve real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment and push the collected data to the TFT LCD for display.

STONE smart displays are widely used in energy engineering fields such as electric car chargers and solar systems.
TFT Display
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