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Minimum order size: 1 piece (sample order), full sample support, flexibility for semi-custom requests

High Quality

Perfect product line
Innolux/AUO TFT panel
High-cost performance

Leading Time

Due to efficient production, the delivery time is only 14 days from the date of order confirmation

Customer service

Professional service team, quick response to any technical problem (<24 hours), customer-oriented


Strong software/hardware R&D team

Warranty Period

I series
3 years Series A 3 years
C Series 1 year

Presenting You With A New Solution That Will Change The Way You Work.

Designed for HMI GUI development

What is the Designer software:
An efficient, flat design, support for quick operation of the interface, graphical interface, and no need for a programming base.

TFT LCD displays

Innovation Is The Driving Force Of STONE

Through precise control of the market, our R&D team continues to improve the user experience as well as interactivity to create a friendly, dynamic and superb GUI in the most efficient way.

Words From STONE Staff


Technical Director

STONE’s latest generation of HMI screens addresses the shortcomings of traditional HMIs by incorporating proven commercial technologies while including and building on the best features of previous generations of HMI screens and operator interface terminals. We continue to develop to enable web and cloud-based connectivity, HMI mobile connectivity that can be easily and seamlessly networked and deployed to any typical mobile device.

Senior Software Engineer

STONE Designer command control is more simple, using JSON code and HEX code, easy to use and easy to expand. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, and has a powerful CPU for future expansion and customization.

Senior Test Engineer

Compared with the old version, the biggest difference of the new version of STONE Designer is the significant CPU improvement. the STV model has a built-in Cortex M4 (200MHz) and the STW model is equipped with Cortex-A8 (1GHz). The memory has been increased from 128MB to 256MB, which can also be expanded to 1GB or 2GB. More image formats can be supported, GIF, PNG, JPG, SVG, and TTF vector fonts can be used.

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