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Civilian level and commercial LCD display module application

Commercial Display HMI Solutions

Home or commercial display products usually need to run 24 hours a day to meet the demand for displaying various information, will be more concerned about power consumption, and promote environmental protection and energy saving. In this regard, commercial displays are similar to industrial displays, which do not deliberately require lower power consumption and have higher requirements for stability; additional heat dissipation systems, high brightness backlight and other designs will greatly increase power consumption.

Commercial Grade Human-Machine Interaction Solutions For:

ATM cash machine
Physical Therapy Instrument
Air Detector
Baby monitor
Fitness equipment
3D Printer
Thermostat testing
Doorbell video monitor
Coffee Machine
Vending Machines
sunlight readable LCD monitor
Control WS2812B_RGB light with STONE Display Module

RGB light is a kind of light that we often see in our daily life. It has a wide range of applications, such as: city night scene, light show, indoor lighting, auxiliary lighting, advertising module lighting, luminous characters, counter lighting, shopping mall lighting, jewelry display case lighting, etc.

This project is to implement RGB lamp control through the STONE display module:

1. Control the color of the light
2. Control the brightness of the light
3. Control the four modes of the light

OV7670 Camera Module Application Examples

This article will introduce the connection between the ov7670 camera module and the STONE display module. The camera image is displayed through the serial display module. The methods and code described in this article are for personal developer testing purposes only and do not guarantee commercial stability.

  • Main functions
  • The display shows the images captured by the camera in real-time
  • Click the button to capture the image and save it to TF card
  • Switching colors and grayscale
  • Switchable resolution (240*320, 240*240, 160*160, 80*80)
  • Can switch to the mode of viewing pictures
  • You can view the last picture
  • Can browse the next picture
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