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STONE Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions provide control and visualization interfaces between people and processes, machines, applications or devices. It is the best solution to replace traditional LCD and LED digital tubes.

We are building the displays with high quality components from top suppliers. And the superb manufacturing process allows the display to work in harsh environments such as high/low temperature, high humidity or dust. The complex environment of the shop floor will not affect the system or its operation.

Another major concern for equipment owners is an unexpected crash or unexplained stoppage. It can interrupt work schedules and also cost money and time to fix the problem. The stability of the equipment is very important for automation customers.

The STONE TFT display uses a UART serial port and a very simple hexadecimal command set as the protocol. The communication between the controller and the display will be very easy and stable. The system can operate continuously for more than 72 hours.

With the complete display and input capabilities, you can implement any application in your automation system. Our GUI design software allows for data display, data input, status display, bar display, curve display, etc. All functions are controlled by variable values sent from the device controller.

Industrial Automation Solutions For:

Programmable controllers(PLC)
Distributed control system(DCS)
Industrial PC
Embedded computers and OEM products, including PID regulators and controllers
CNC system for electromechanical equipment(CNC,FMS,CAM)
Fieldbus control systems(FCS)
ARDUINO Project Control Automation + STONE HMI

This video series is designed to help you understand how to use the Arduino to complete the Project 220 Vac load controller panel to send commands and data serially to the STONE HMI

STONE +ARDUINO +ESP8266 Heat Sink Project

In the project, it will show how to use STONE HMI LCD as a display to combine the temperature sensor with Arduino esp8266 radiator application; the communication between the temperature sensor and Arduino esp8266 is in single-wire communication mode, and the communication mode between esp8266 and stone smart display is serial communication.

LCD Display Manufacturers
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