AUO and Innolux have captured 60% of the market share of the global professional medical panel.Au (2409) together with the group of gen (3481) to participate in the "Taiwan medical science and technology exhibition", in recent years, the au, group and actively to the high-value product line development, seek new application of blue ocean in the medical industry layout blossom, even a touch of the hand with global professional medical panel share up to 60% of the city, the friends to share in a city with the advanced medical panel will Pansonic to surpass Japan to become the first target.

Japan's Pansonic announced at the end of 2019 that it would close its LCD panel plant this year, citing stiff competition and unprofitability that made the business difficult to sustain. Panasonic said its liquid-crystal panel production subsidiary, Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display (PLD), will end the production of TFT-LCD in 2021.

AU layout professional medical panel is successful, with a 20~30% market share.Furen Ko, general manager of AU.

With Pansonic exit, also let auo, city group and the professional medical panel market share catch-up, past Pansonic share in a city with professional medical panels up to 30 ~ 40%, and in the future the market will by auo, group of the broken, the au, group and account for about 60% of the city, the panel market share, about half the proportion of the two companies, regardless of their paths, expected next year will further increase.

AU is the No. 2 company in the high-end Full-HD medical panel market and will aim to be No. 1 in the future. The advanced 3D surgical display solution developed exclusively by AU at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition has been cooperated with many manufacturers, and is expected to be officially sold to Europe, the United States, Taiwan, and other markets next year, and start to contribute revenue.

The exclusive 3D surgical display solutions developed by Au include 32-inch 4K polarized 3D display solutions, combined with the world's leading endoscope and 3D endoscope imaging system for minimally invasive surgery. And a 15.6-inch 4K naked eye 3D display panel for operating rooms, equipped with an eye-tracking system developed exclusively by AU.

At the same time, AU is also leading the world in publishing the 32-inch 4K super-real surgical display with the medical-grade MINI LED technology, as well as the series of special public health computers for medical institutions jointly launched by Linhua Technology, which show the cumulative achievements for many years in different medical fields and help accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry.

AU has been deeply involved in 3D panel technology for many years, and now it further introduces the newly developed 3D display technology into medical surgery applications. Through the effective improvement of 3D perspective range and image quality, doctors can view clear 3D images from all angles without wearing glasses during surgery, and quickly grasp the relative position and depth of field of organs and tissues.

AU is committed to the field of intelligent medical applications, and actively develops human-oriented professional medical displays, hoping to solve the pain points of users in the field. In professional medical displays, X-ray sensors and other applications, AU ranks among the world's top three suppliers, and its products are widely used by international medical equipment brands.

Looking to the future medical wisdom layout, auo will toward the operating room management, medical treatment and medical examination three medical field, such as from professional display technology, the integration of forward-looking technology such as AI, 5 g, with customers and partners to play medical wisdom to upgrade driver, gradually improve field ecosystem and continue to provide more high-quality medical services for the public.

AU and Innolux have joined hands to take up as much as 60% of the market share of the global professional medical panel